In this episode, Alex and Jared chat with Matt Cipolla of CrossFit Los Angeles and The Mastery Method about coaching, programming and how to improve in all areas.

Alex, Jared and Matt Cipolla cover:
—his journey in becoming a CrossFit coach—evolving under the exceptional tutelage of CrossFit LA, particularly, the one and only, Kenny Kane (
—what the Mastery Method is and why it gives coaches the necessary leverage to help their clients grow not just physically but psychologically as well
—his most recent, favorite coaching memory
—coaching silliness
—what it means to practice what you preach

If you happened to hear Kenny Kane on Barbell Shrugged ( back in May of 2015 talking about the importance of context when programming and coaching CrossFit classes or just fitness in general, then this episode is NOT TO BE MISSED. Matt Cipolla is Kenny’s right-hand man as it pertains to The Mastery Method, aka Context Coaching.

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Behind the Podium Podcast
Behind the Podium Podcast
Ep 3: Interview with Matt Cipolla

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