Today Jared and Alex go Behind the Podium with Kenny Kane – a coach, comedian, podcaster, hip-hop dancer, martial artist, fellow SEALFIT KOKORO graduate, father, business owner, and ambassador of the pursuit of mastery. Kenny owns and coaches at CrossFit LA—The School of Mastery–in Santa Monica, CA, and is the founder of the positivity project, and The Mastery Method, formerly known as Context Coaching. Early adopters should be familiar with The Mastery Method, programming that intentionally differentiates between practice days, competition days, and mental toughness days, from our first guest episode with Matt Cipolla, who works with Kenny at CrossFit LA.

We cover:

  • Breakthrough can lead to breakdown – but at what cost?
  • How the time is over to compartmentalize your fitness practices.
  • Why intention is most important when you are coaching.
  • The most important question to ask your clients.
  • How bringing people together to improve their quality of life and build human connections is the most important piece of any business.

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Behind the Podium Podcast
Behind the Podium Podcast
Ep 22: Kenny Kane and The Mastery Method

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