Today, Jared and Alex go behind the podium with Kelly Starrett – a coach, physical therapist, best-selling author, thought leader, surfer, paddler, Olympic Lifter, Power-Lifter, CrossFitter, dancer, science fiction lover, podcaster, father, husband, business owner, and ambassador of SUPPLENESS.

Kelly has revolutionized, democratized, and mobilized the public’s understanding and ability to perform basic maintenance on themselves, so they can improve their performance and eliminate pain. He wants YOU to be as user proficient with your body’s machinery as you are with your smartphone. Kelly is also the best-selling author of Becoming a Supple Leopard, Ready to Run, and Deskbound.

We cover:

  • The importance of giving credit where credit is due
  • If you want to go fast, go by yourself – if you want to go far, take someone with you
  • How we need to continue to be in service of the coaches and athletes we serve
  • What the cue “knees out” really means
  • How you should approach all aspects of your business with the goal of solving a problem
  • “To talk of bulls is not the same as being in the bull ring”

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Behind the Podium Podcast
Behind the Podium Podcast
Ep 29: Kelly Starrett and Being in the Bull Ring

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