Today, Jared and Alex go behind the podium with Dr. Tim Gerstmar, a coach, naturopathic doctor, blogger, podcaster, business owner, health educator/public speaker, husband, father, and science fiction enthusiast. Dr. Gerstmar has spoken at four Ancestral Health Symposiums and two PaleoFX conferences to share his passion for educating others on the intricacies of health and disease.

He founded and treats patients locally and remotely out of his clinic, Aspire Natural Health, in Redmond, WA. Aspire Natural Health specializes in treating gut, autoimmune diseases, and other hard to treat cases that the conventional medical system or other practitioners have been unable to resolve.

We cover:

  • Why describing results helps people understand what you do
  • Why you shouldn’t jump on the fad bandwagon
  • How to follow up with clients so that you don’t lose sight of their wants + needs
  • How the overnight successes are really 10 years in the making.
  • Why you should be worried if you think you know everything
  • Why you should have empathy for people and meet them where they are

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Behind the Podium Podcast
Behind the Podium Podcast
Ep 32 Dr Tim Gerstmar on Natural Health, and Being a Lifelong Learner

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