Today, Jared and Alex go behind the podium with Valerie Hunt, a coach, Weightlifter, aerobics instructor, CrossFitter, business owner, gym owner, Pose Method® running specialist/master coach, Yoga Tune Up® therapy ball user/enthusiast, ice bath dabbler, Wim Hof ambassador, mother, wife, and bulldog lover.

Valerie is a veteran of the fitness/strength-conditioning world and currently owns and coaches out of BVM CrossFit in Austin and RunRx, her running mastery and instruction company. Valerie is also a coach of CrossFit HQ’s Pose Method specialty course.

We cover:

  • How running is a technical skill that needs to be taught
  • Why balance should always be a part of your programming
  • The moves you should check to see if you (or a client) is ready to run
  • How to help clients see and feel how to run
  • Walking as a skill and why position matters here too
  • Why gravity is a critical component to proper running form

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Behind the Podium Podcast
Behind the Podium Podcast
Ep 33: Valerie Hunt Teaches Us How to Run

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