How much changes with you and your perspective after becoming a studio owner? We dig into this concept with former guest (and dear friend of the show), Isabelle Barter, who recently opened Stronger Human in Phoenix, Arizona.

Isabelle is a coach and movement educator that has an insatiable appetite for continuing education. She is the founder of Stronger Human and Movement is My Medicine, a 200-hr experienced registered yoga teacher, Yoga Tune Up® teacher, Strong First Kettlebell Level 1, Z-Health, Functional Range Conditioning, and the Functional Movement Screen.

We cover:

  • Why knowing yourself and how you work best can be invaluable as a business owner
  • When to say yes in a growth phase versus no
  • How to manage being an introvert and business owner
  • What it means to be a Stronger Human
  • How she intakes clients and gathers a history
  • How to know when to delegate
  • Why staff meetings should be considered as “structured playdates”
  • What it means to be modality agnostic
  • and more!

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Behind the Podium Podcast
Behind the Podium Podcast
Ep: 42 Isabelle Barter and Life as a New Studio Owner

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