Experience doesn’t make a good coach – it’s insight. On this episode, Jared and Alex sit down with Chet Morjaria, a coach that identifies himself as a connector, communicator, and disruptor.

Chet is the founder and head coach of Strength Education Training Systems—an education platform for coaches. Additionally, he started and facilitates Strong Mind Book club—a book club where fitness business owners, coaches, personal trainers, and rehab specialists can have a monthly mind meld. Previously, our guest was an international managing editor of Breaking Muscle magazine. In fact, this guest of ours today is the author of the article Ten Types of Coaches and How to Spot Them, which was the central talking point of our inaugural episode titled “To Be a Motivator or a Technician

We cover:

  • The difference between learning and teaching
  • How coaching is 80% humanistic and 20% mechanics
  • Why coaches should appreciate the subjectivity of everyone’s experience
  • Language and words you should get rid of in your coaching
  • Why saying more with less is an important part of coaching
  • How to live in line with your values and connect better with clients
  • The enjoyment of play and practice and it’s relationship to sustainability in training
  • and more!

For references to everything mentioned in this episode, head over to www.behindthepodiumpodcast.com.

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Behind the Podium Podcast
Behind the Podium Podcast
Ep 46: Chet Morjaria and the Power of Insight Over Experience

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