Where is the line between teacher and instructor? In today’s episode, Jared and Alex talk with Kathryn Budig, a coach, international yoga teacher, author, podcaster, blogger, someone that ranked 12th out of the 50 Most Influential Yoga Teachers Online in 2017 by Tribe Grow.com, a University of Virginia graduate with degrees in English and Drama, recipe writer, dog lover, storyteller, and also someone that takes pride in her phenomenal ability to see the best in people.

Kathryn has had over a decade of experience and has served as the yoga editor to Women’s Health magazine for five years, contributed recipes and sat on the Yahoo Health Advisory Board, and regularly contributes to Yoga Journal, The New Potato, and MindBodyGreen.

Kathryn is also the author of The Women’s Health Big Book of Yoga and Aim True and the founder of the non-profit Poses for Paws, which raises money for animal shelters through yoga, and she is the co-host of the widely popular podcast Free Cookies.

We cover:

  • How to find your voice through storytelling
  • What it means to be an instructor vs. a teacher
  • How true change doesn’t happen in an echo chamber
  • How we can project feelings onto our students
  • How to build community in a fun and accessible way
  • How to craft content over many mediums
  • How Kathryn creates her classes and speeches
  • and more!

For references to everything mentioned in this episode, head over to www.behindthepodiumpodcast.com.

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Behind the Podium Podcast
Behind the Podium Podcast
Ep 48: Kathryn Budig on Being a Teacher, Not an Instructor

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