No two bodies are the same – are you custom tailoring every movement for your clients? Trina Altman is a coach, Yoga teacher, Pilates teacher, Yoga Tune Up teacher, Roll Model Method teacher, certification/continuing education junkie, movement explorer, connoisseur, and dabbler, dark chocolate lover, embodied anatomy nerd, yoga blanket model, trampoliner, blogger, presenter, teacher-trainer, Brown University alumnus with a bachelors in political science, and two time Golden Alpha recipient.Trina is a perfect example of experimentation and practicing what she preaches.

She is the creator of Yoga Deconstructed and Pilates Deconstructed, which both take an interdisciplinary approach to foster an embodied understanding of Yoga and Pilates and their relationship to modern movement science. She has presented at Kripalu, Pure Yoga NYC, Yogaworks, Cal-a-Vie Spa, SYTAR, the Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference, ECA, UCLA, and multiple yoga conferences. Moreover, she has written articles that have been published in both Yoga Journal and Yoga International.

We cover:

  • Why customer service should be a top priority when coaching
  • How to switch hats within the three Ex’s (Experience, Experimentation, Example)
  • The importance of experimentation and trying new things
  • How to give clients what they want while also providing what they need
  • and more!

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Behind the Podium Podcast
Behind the Podium Podcast
Ep 51: Trina Altman - Teaching from the Inside

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