On today’s show, we chat with Dr. Sarah Court, who has been both a mentor and personal friend to us both. Dr. Sarah is a coach, Yogi, Yoga teacher, Yoga Tune Up Teacher Trainer, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Princeton University Alum with degrees in Art and Archeology, Herder of Clinical Pearl, and facilitator of further studying, playing, and mending.

Sarah is the creator of Quantum Leap, an advanced training for movement teachers to become biomechanically brilliant. Additionally, she is one of the co-creators and teachers of Movement Logic, which also includes our previous guest Trina Altman and Laurel Beversdorf.

Movement Logic, similar to Quantum Leap, provides movement teachers with a reasoned application of movement therapy skills to broaden their clientele.

When not traveling the world teaching, Sarah can be found practicing physical therapy at Postureworks in Santa Monica.

We cover:

  • Why understanding basic movement is better than memorizing a bunch of exercises
  • Why letting your student make mistakes can help them learn
  • Why a better understanding pain science can help you affect more people
  • Why pain-free movement is the most important goal when teaching others to move
  • Why there’s no perfect way to do anything
  • and more!

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Behind the Podium Podcast
Behind the Podium Podcast
Ep 59: Dr. Sarah Court: Strong Ideas Loosely Held

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