Today we have Rob Wilson. Rob, with his wife, co-owns CrossFit Virginia Beach. He has over 15 years of experience as a manual therapist both as a practitioner and a teacher, a very robust background in martial arts, and is a part of our previous guest, Dr. Kelly Starrett’s, MobilityWod Team. Rob is also the head coach of Power Speed Endurance’s Breath and Tactical programs.

Our other guest today is Brian Mackenzie—the Creator of Power Speed Endurance. Power Speed Endurance is a programming, coaching, and educational platform for developing sports performance, fitness, and health. Power Speed Endurance is also the name of Brian’s first published book, he has also co-written Unbreakable Runner, and Unplugged. Brian is a human performance iconoclast and forever dabbler—From CrossFit Endurance to 3Fuel Protein to heat/cold exposure and breath work to what will soon be a state optimizing smartphone app created alongside Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman.

We cover:

  • How no single method will solve all problems
  • When to use the right tool at the right time
  • Why awareness of self is the greatest gift
  • How you can only help who is ready to learn
  • Why humility is the key to a successful partnership
  • How to learn from your mistakes


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Behind the Podium Podcast
Behind the Podium Podcast
Ep 64: Brian Mackenzie + Rob Wilson - Methods are Many but Principles are Few

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