The key to life is being able to personally apply the advice you give to others.


In this show, Jared Cohen, Alexandra Ellis and guests discuss the struggles, philosophies, and evolving practices of coaching—being a coach, having a coach, and or any avenue of providing value for another individual that advances his or her life.
Using the three EX’s as our guide: Experience, Experimentation, Example.

  • Experience – What do you bring to the table both professionally and personally when interacting with clients or creating content for clients?
  • Experimentation – how willing are you as a coach to embrace what you know, what you don’t know, and what you don’t know you don’t know.
  • Example – how well do you personally and professionally uphold your own standard of excellence? Are you practicing what you preach?

While we hope to answer some questions – the key to learning and growth is continuing to ask better questions (a la Gil Hedley)! Keep tuning in in order to get answers to your current questions,  spark new questions, and continue to refine your coaching and leading skills. The best coaches cannot do it alone. This podcast hopes to cast a larger net over those coaches interested in the nuances of putting theory to practice.

Jared Cohen

Jared Cohen


As a coach, Jared strives to be the catalyst for your “aha moments” that go beyond just the movement realm. Jared is passionate about the type of learning process that underscores skill acquisition in everything in order to leverage better adaptability, and transferability of one’s current understanding. He believes your movement practice should be one that strives towards ever evolving, self-actualization. Jared got his CrossFit Level 1 Certification in 2011. Ever since, he has been heavily immersed in becoming a more well diversified and detailed strength/conditioning coach, and health/movement educator. Moreover, he is a proud proponent of amassing the tools in conjunction with crafting the type of growth mindset to further one’s confident yet humble sense of self-empowerment and self-sufficiency.

Some of Jared’s credentials include but are not limited to: BA in Psychology (2013) from Pitzer College, Catalyst Athletics’ Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Certification, Dragon Door’s Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC), Yoga Tune Up Teacher® Certification, and Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist Certification.

Jared is currently studying to get his master’s in sport psychology and business administration from John F. Kennedy University. Health coaching aside, Jared loves movies and music. From blues music to more soft spoken, singer-songwriter music, he can be found jamming to his stereo while driving, or writing/singing/playing his own tunes on guitar.

Learn more about Jared at

Alexandra Ellis

Alexandra Ellis


Creator of AE Wellness, Body Nerd, and Self-Care expert, Alexandra Ellis has made it her life’s mission to better understand how the body works to help her clients DIY their self-care, strength, and injury recovery. Her teaching and studies focus on injury prevention, rehabilitation and wellness, inspired by her studies at UC Davis where she earned a BS in Exercise Biology. With a strong background and keen interest in anatomy and physiology, Alex strives to empower people to improve their health and well-being through a personal movement practice and enhanced body awareness.

Her programs have helped many people worldwide to be an empowered part of their health, rather than relying solely on their healthcare provider.When not Instagraming her food, workouts or Teacher Training adventures, Alexandra can be found teaching public classes in Los Angeles.

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